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Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 7 people to be tagged. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

tagged by secretdiva 
  1. I collect Polar Bear stuff
  2. I have three accents Irish, Brooklyn, and my normal one
  3. My middle fingers are bent at the tip
  4. The greatest person to me has always been my grandfather
  5. I want to go to Alaska
  6. I want to get a normal job
  7. I miss the hours of Musical training I used to have
  8. I see things most people have nightmares about
  9. My ipod is my lifeline
  10. I love playing video games
  11. I miss being a child
  12. I have several stuffed animals lining my bed
  13. I can't sleep without the air conditioner on even in winter
  14. I find hetero pda disgusting but go aww when two guys kiss
  15. I think Heechul is an alien cause he's too perfect
  16. I find working out a great stress reliever
  17. I can sing but I get to nervous to actually do it in front of people
  18. I have a SHINee poster up in my closet
  19. I have a Johnny Depp poster on my door
  20. I can not use public restroom
  21. I will never utter the word vagina out loud
  22. I hate being a woman
  23. If I'm angry people know
  24. I can dance but no one ever gets to see that
  25. I wish I had never gone out with the men I went out with.
Okay I tag timedoesflyohmy  sharolaids choseri  bbcutie69 unactivist 


I put all my fics onto a different livejournal account because this one is basically my normal account and my friends who are not into kpop don't need to be reading my weird stuff. So if you wanna take a look at the writing the account is   mistress_lixy 



Lee Donghae
Lee Donghae
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How do you compare?
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I didn't even cheat or anything either. Wow

Fat lip

Right now I'm waiting for my sister in law to get home so I can get off work. I'm bored out of my mind and it was only a half day.
I had the orthodontist this morning. Being an adult with braces is so not cool. At least this time they got rid of the huge hooked wires and now its just a straight one. Only problem is the dentist when replacing the bracket used the saw to cut up my gums around on of my teeth so now its all bloody and puffy. He also was non too gentle and hit the corner of my lip with the saw so now I have a fat lip. I look so attractive right now like I got into a huge bar fight.

I dyed my hair this weekend. I couldn't wait any longer till I get my haircut. That's another two weeks away. I have dark red and then bright blood red underneath. I like the underneath better. My friends tell me I should dye my hair black and then have the red underneath but I'm not going back to black. I'm trying not to be mournful and that was the only time I dye my hair black.

Oooh wickedlove13  if your reading this you gotta check out a fan fic I'm in love with it. Its called Run and its on Miracle Community. Its Hanchul so you should like it if you haven't already read it. 

Writer's Block: Roommate from Hell

Have you ever had a nightmarish roommate? What made you incompatible? How did you eventually resolve your conflicts?

I had one nightmarish roomate in college. She was depressed all the time she would draw the curtain closed after she came home from classes and would watch soap operas and cry for hours. She never liked having the windows open and if I opened my window she would sneak on my side of the room on the windowsill behind our furniture and close my window. The air would be so stagnant in our room that I would wake up with nose bleeds every morning and my pillow would be covered in blood. She was not very cleanly and she was overly bossy and I was actually older than her.  She was so blatantly depressed all the time that it in turn made me completely depressed I would cry without even knowing why I was doing it. I made friends with the girl who lived next door and would hide out in her room a lot to get rid of the stress. After the year was over the girl was moving to a different dorm thankfully and the girl next door moved in with me. She was a great roomate after that we laughed the whole two years left of school. It was a dream after the nightmare I lived my first year away from home.


Seriously where is the full music video already The Teaser really is teasing me. I wanna see the whole damn thing already.

Also watching the many angle of the SBS Gayo Daejun I've decided that it completely unfair that Heechul, Leetuek, and Sungmin look better as girls than most of the female population.
I am finally caught up on kat_elric 's From the Soul to the Song    now I'm patiently waiting for more haha. I think I read it to fast should have prolonged it so I don't have to wait so long lol.

Just found out that Heechul plays WOW I feel like a total nerd that that made me extremely excited. Unfortunately he plays a Horde character go figure. None of my friends play horde so I'm suck Alliance. Ok I'm going into nerd mode apparently haha. Moving on.

My friend bbcutie69  gave me earrings that she made me for Christmas and I decided to wear them out yesterday and guess what I lost one. UGH i'm such an idiot. It was a heavy earring too and I didn't even feel it slip off my ear. I frantically looked everywhere for it but didn't find it. Now I have to find the courage to tell her. UGH

I had my nephews over for the weekend playing wii and filling them with candy. I have my eldest nephew wanting to learn Korean now as he was dancing along to Super Junior, we were also watching Music Core together. U-Kiss is definetly growing on me I saw them perform on the show and I like the song and downloaded a whole bunch others. I think Kibum and his brother from SS501 are just absolutely adorable the videos of them too I saw on Youtube so cute.


Got home last night and there was a package waiting for me. Then this morning another package was delivered. Two SuJu concert DVD's woot. I'm not leaving my room today.

The Calm Sea

Like a tidal wave my heart skips a beat.
I hear that sound from my phone.
Im pulled under the crashing waves once again.
Why is it you can always do this.
My heart soars for brief seconds
to only come crashing down again.
You play wicked games
and the sad thing is you don't even know.
The water is flowing from my eyes
Adding more fire to the crashing waves.
That salty bitterness is back again.
Always so polite
The calm sea
That's always what you are.
To bad you create a tsunami in me
I can't breathe under it all
Just when I'm pulled from the sea
You come crashing in again.
Blind to all the warnings
Creating another storm
My heart can't take the crashing waves
I've been completely broken by you
I'm struggling for breath
Fighting against the assault
Have you ever felt anything
Calm Sea
Have you felt the sand you destroy
Do you feel the pain as the small grains slip away?
Have you ever had a weakness.
Calm Sea
You are my weakness
I dive in all the time
Just to be thrashed about
Gasping for air
Hoping this time will be different
That you will notice the sand beneath you
Lost in your endless horizon
I'm trapped by your beauty and your harshness
Slow your crashing for a little
So I can keep a float
I don't want to be pulled under again
My heart is tired
I don't have the strength to swim
Calm Sea
Just still



Ugh I'm such a nerd I got so excited when there was an e-mail saying the Suju Dvd I ordered was being shipped. I bought Super Show, I want the Japan one too but 65 for a Dvd I'm not sure I'll even be able to play is not worth it. Hopefully soon they will release it with a Region All version.

ZE:A Mazeltov I gotta say is unfortunetly growing on me. Why I will never understand. The video bothers me for some reason so as long as I don't look at that the music isn't bad. I dont understand why they decided to use a hebrew word but whatever.

I've started to listen to some SHINee stuff now. Guess watching them on Music Core all the time they kind of grew on me.