Lixy (seneferia) wrote,

The Calm Sea

Like a tidal wave my heart skips a beat.
I hear that sound from my phone.
Im pulled under the crashing waves once again.
Why is it you can always do this.
My heart soars for brief seconds
to only come crashing down again.
You play wicked games
and the sad thing is you don't even know.
The water is flowing from my eyes
Adding more fire to the crashing waves.
That salty bitterness is back again.
Always so polite
The calm sea
That's always what you are.
To bad you create a tsunami in me
I can't breathe under it all
Just when I'm pulled from the sea
You come crashing in again.
Blind to all the warnings
Creating another storm
My heart can't take the crashing waves
I've been completely broken by you
I'm struggling for breath
Fighting against the assault
Have you ever felt anything
Calm Sea
Have you felt the sand you destroy
Do you feel the pain as the small grains slip away?
Have you ever had a weakness.
Calm Sea
You are my weakness
I dive in all the time
Just to be thrashed about
Gasping for air
Hoping this time will be different
That you will notice the sand beneath you
Lost in your endless horizon
I'm trapped by your beauty and your harshness
Slow your crashing for a little
So I can keep a float
I don't want to be pulled under again
My heart is tired
I don't have the strength to swim
Calm Sea
Just still

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