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Fat lip

Right now I'm waiting for my sister in law to get home so I can get off work. I'm bored out of my mind and it was only a half day.
I had the orthodontist this morning. Being an adult with braces is so not cool. At least this time they got rid of the huge hooked wires and now its just a straight one. Only problem is the dentist when replacing the bracket used the saw to cut up my gums around on of my teeth so now its all bloody and puffy. He also was non too gentle and hit the corner of my lip with the saw so now I have a fat lip. I look so attractive right now like I got into a huge bar fight.

I dyed my hair this weekend. I couldn't wait any longer till I get my haircut. That's another two weeks away. I have dark red and then bright blood red underneath. I like the underneath better. My friends tell me I should dye my hair black and then have the red underneath but I'm not going back to black. I'm trying not to be mournful and that was the only time I dye my hair black.

Oooh wickedlove13  if your reading this you gotta check out a fan fic I'm in love with it. Its called Run and its on Miracle Community. Its Hanchul so you should like it if you haven't already read it. 


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Jul. 24th, 2010 08:57 am (UTC)
I hate my orthdontest too.
I am nearly 19 and i still have a brace. its annoying. I have had it on for 2 years and my orthodontest is stupid.
She has it in her head thaat I eat sweets. I really don't touch them .
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