Every time I think I'm done you do something to bring me right back to the beginning.
I have a migraine from all the stress you cause me.
One second your not talking to me
The next second your texting me.
I don't know what to think anymore.
I wish I knew what you were thinking.

Watching Best Friend Note

Basically my cable box is forever on TKC channel. I can watch Love You a Thousand Times, Your Beautiful then all the music programs WOOT. Right now I'm watching Best Friends Note with SS501 I'm pretty sure on youtube they all call it Intimate Note but the cable has it translated as Best Friends Note. I wish I knew what the hell was going on though. I don't understand why they sub most things but then certain shows there isn't one sub.
Was in a very sour mood today. Played WOW for the most of the day and watched Music Core, was kind of hoping they would show the Super Junior Performance but I guess it wasn't that episode yet. I watched it on youtube and got aggravated. Its just not the same without all of them being there. Granted Kibum hasn't been in the mix for a while so I don't miss him as much. It wasn't a good performance either. Everyone looked so pissed off I mean Wookies usually is always smiling and he seemed so sour. Hope in the new year everything gets resolved.
Aye I'm rambling again.
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boo cry


I started listening to Suju a couple of months ago. Found them on Youtube and thought their music was rather cool. I was tired of the crap that was playing in the states. Slowly in snowballed from there. I'm listening to Kpop all the time, watching TKC and other Korean channels that have subtitles on the tv. (Although I watch Star King and that has no subs but I try my hardest to figure out whats going on by peoples actions lol) My Ipod is being overloaded with videos and such lol.

This whole Hangeng thing has me worried now because Suju has made me very happy lately and has gotten me out of a funk. I think he's very talented and his heart should always belong to Heechul lol. I mean from a standpoint if hes getting screwed over he definitely should take legal action against them. From what I can see on youtube and all the fandoms these boys work their asses off and if there not happy with their contracts they should be able to renegotiate them. I also think people going crazy of Kyu's cyworld entry may have been premature. Loose translations aside it could have been switched around that Hangeng isn't biting the ones that feed him but maybe its the other way around. Suju is the one that works their asses off performing and such they are the ones bringing home the bacon for the company maybe SME is the one thats biting the hand that feeds.

I'm rambling I think I'm gonna stop.
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Found this thing after years....

Not even gonna bother looking at old posts. I know its all about someone I would forever like to forget. I'm older now, I've moved out of my childhood home. I'm out of college. Out of Brooklyn. I find life a lot sweeter lately than it was for years. I now have five nephews that keep me pretty occupied. I can't believe Shane is now 7 years old its amazing. Trying to learn Korean I'm on a music, movies and drama kick right now with them. Ahh this feels weird typing in this thing again.
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your so intimidating

I think it's very funny when people try to intimidate me, oh because your acting like this i no longer want to be your friend. You know what you don't know how to be a friend. This had nothing to do with your new girl or whatever else is going on. You owe someone something you pay them back and empty threats are not going to help your case. If being your friend means going to jail fuck your friendship. It's not like you give a shit anyway you just want to be friends cause it's convenient for you so that I don't demand things of you.

i don't know what to do

I always have peoples best intrests at heart
and sometimes i get so sick of people i know
seeing them suffer
You know what I make a lot of mistakes
and I'm sorry for them
Im just stupid
I should stop being the protector
and wait for people to deal with their problems on their own


i think it's a little ridiculous someone should think
i should baby them continually
i'm not the person anymore
you want to be babied you should look to her
certain things are none of my business anymore
and things about my life are no longer your business
i'm not going to be there all the time
i'm not going to sit there while you mouth off
it's not me anymore
mouth off to her
the bullshit is over

i don't know anymore

I fought and fought for everything
and it came crashing down
and now I'm left with so much
to deal with
and someone gets to be happy
and expect me to just roll over and be happy for them
yea ok thats really going to happen
it's like an altered reality this person is in
he wants something and wants everyone to be ok with it
like it doesn't affect anyone else
i was stupid to believe there was hope
and believing that he was giving me hope
i guess i was stupid to hold on
to him telling me he would love me forever
and that there wasn't anyone else for him
guess he was lying then too


i find it very funny when someone states they are sorry but get angry at the same time it doesn't do much for the apology